At VOLCELLA, we recognize the influence of fashion on the environment and are committed to minimizing our ecological impact. We are firm believers that through sustainable decisions, we can pave the way for a more promising future, both for ourselves and the planet.


At VOLCELLA, we use 50% sustainable fabrics for more than half of our collections. Among our fabric selections are ECONYL®, Carvico® from Italy, and REPREVE®.

These materials are environmentally responsible, crafted from recycled sources like discarded fishing nets, industrial plastics, and post-consumer plastic bottles.

We are devising a gradual strategy to incrementally expand our utilization of eco-friendly fabrics until we attain a 100% threshold.

Design & Quality

Our dedication lies in crafting enduring, top-notch designs that remain relevant beyond seasons. Alongside our utilization of sustainable fabrics, we prioritize longevity in the creation of our designs and products, guaranteeing that your VOLCELLA bikinis endure summer after summer.

We view sustainability as an ongoing journey rather than a fixed destination. Continuously seeking ways to enhance and elevate the sustainability of our products is our commitment.

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